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EPISODE 84 - The Sasquatch Syndicate Animated Series is a satire, parody, and comedy and is intended for entertainment purposes ONLY. Sasquatch Syndicate promotes the research and discovery of Sasquatch through various media, entertainment, and events. Sasquatch Syndicate may, or may not use actual names, or locations, and often in quasi-real and/or fictitious narration. A Syndicate is a community of like minded individuals promoting a common interest. The Animated Series is intended to engage a wide variety of audiences to the topic of Sasquatch Research. If you like things related to Bigfoot, kick back and have some fun and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, to keep up to date on all the latest and stay posted for the next T-shirt give-a-way. The Sasquatch Syndicate Animated series will be building on Bigfoot themed content the whole family can enjoy. We will be weaving in a lot of content from the Pacific Northwest lore and a lot of things related to the Bigfoot and genre. We will be able to be much more creative with the Sasquatch Syndicate Animated Series without the boundaries of the world in a pandemic era. So have some fun and enjoy the ride with Sasquatch Syndicate.

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