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SEATTLE, WA - Sasquatch Syndicate is pleased to announce it has partnered with Libsyn to bring the Radio Show to media streaming services.    "This is a quantum leap for us, as we fast track our leap from radio to internet media streaming services. " said Chanelle Elaine, Chief Marketing Officer of  Sasquatch Syndicate Inc..  "After multiple meetings and conversations however we believe Libsyn is the place for us."  

Libsyn is the combination of Liberated and Syndication and has from the start stayed true to developing a platform where podcasters have the freedom they need to deliver the kind of podcast they want. 

"We are excited to bring Sasquatch Syndicate's following and reputation into the LibSyn family of broadcasters and podcast celebrities and look forward to future endeavors." Rob Walch VP of Podcaster Relations.    

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