Gene Splicing Perhaps?


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Every now and then, animals of similar classifications surprise us and interbreed, creating a close but not exact species.  is is possible Sasquatch has done the same?   

While most animal species require a high percentage of similar DNA to interbreed such as a lion and tiger creating the Liger, or a male donkey and a female horse creating a Mule this may not have to be the case.   Occasionally through minor long term genetic interbreeding new species are interbred and discovered to stump the common zoologist.   

So is it possible Sasquatch could be a long-term offshoot of many years of minor interbreeding between relic Gigantopithecus, and orangutans or mountain gorillas and even possibly humans ?   

While a direct interbreeding decreases the odds, the subtle long-term breeding could possibly over time create a genetic structure for a more sustained chance of success.

Here are a few of our favorite examples?  Liger, Zebroid, Cama, Zeedonk, Dzo, Wholphin, Grolar Bear, Beefalo?  

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