Sasquatch Anatomy


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Sasquatch Anatomy



The North American Sasquatch is massive, and has been "primarily seen" in Pacific Northwest but Sasquatch can be found everywhere as we eluded to in a recent article.     Eye witnesses describe the creature as standing upright on two legs, erect or in a hunched over shortstop posture shifting it's weight from side-to-side ever so slightly as if it is going to spring into action at any moment.   

The following article will focus on various parts of Sasquatch Anatomy.  We hope you enjoy the article and look forward to your comments below.



The Sasquatch face is described as having sunken eyes with a flat nose.  The face is described as very dull, almost lifeless, until the creature is ready to move where it may express emotions of hate and rage similar to that of a gorilla.


The Sasquatch eyes are reported as deep socketed or very square looking occipital regions mostly reported as void of colors other than Black.   In the reports we have taken we have not heard of eye witness accounts describing Sasquatch with a white Sclera as humans have.    Simply black end to end.


The forehead is described as flat however in some cases there is a protruding eye brow line above the eyes, that give the creature a sunken eye appearance.


The Sasquatch is typically reported as having eye browns as a part of the hairline that extends above the eye.  Reports we have taken suggest the hairline in many cases, not all, report covering the forehead.


While few reports have been reported where by the witness can see the teeth at close range,  The majority of reports indicate the creature has flat yellowish teeth, vs jagged eye teeth or fangs.


Sasquatch ears have been reported of being abnormally smaller than that of humans in proportion to the size of the skull.  As they are typically covered in hair except the exposure of auditory surfaces few have reported details around the ears from reports we have taken.


The nose continues to be reported as smug or flat but very wide with reports averaging from 2"-4" in various reports we have received.


The mouth is reported as being very wide and exposed with skin vs hair coverings.  In many reports, eye witnesses have reported seeing a wide zipper like mouth that is typically closed until the creature is startled or begins to yell.


The lips of a Sasquatch are reported as typically the same color as that of the face.  In most cases dark colors such as dark brown or black, however in cases where by the skin is lighter there are some variations.


Witnesses have reported seeing the skin as a dull gray to dark gray color, but some reports indicate a lighter brown, pink, or even albino coloration have been seen and observed.    In many cases the skin seems to be described as an old catchers mitt from the 1930s with a leathery haze across the face and wrinkles around the forehead and mouth.    


The North American Sasquatch has been seen in many variations just like us humans, although primarily described as a dark brown to black representation and hair (Not fur) almost wirelike with a sheen that repels water.    Often witnesses have described the Sasquatch as shaking the water off its hair, similar to how a Newfoundland would emerging from the water.

The hair itself is 1-3" in length.      While hair varies in color it has been reported that adult Sasquatch have grey tips very similar to that of an elderly ape.    Unlike most primates, purported Sasquatch hair has been put under intense scrutiny and under microscopic examination reveals the hair is without a medulla unlike human hair.    


Most Sasquatch eye witnesses we have spoken to, typically notice a sulphur smelling discharge or foul stench immolating from the creature or the area of which it was seen.    This can be attributed to climate, and potentially Sulphur streams, Lava Tubes or even carcass rummaging for food such as a bear.  While this varies from male to female the primary representation is a shoulder width of 3-6ft narrowing to a waste of the same proportion, while younger males are described more athletic or V-cut such as a fine tuned athlete.    Females vary due to a variety of conditions including pregnancy and have been seen with protruding mammory glands such as the Roger Patterson film of 1967.


The legs also vary in size and width and length, but are primarily described as walking tree trunks.   The muscular curve of the quadriceps, and calves may be present but covered by hair and due to the fleeting chance encounter eye witnesses typically have a tough time describing to us the lower extremities, and most are focused on the face, head and eyes.


The average of most Sasquatch foot prints we have verified are somewhere between 8" in adolescents to 25" at the upper edge of the spectrum, with most common somewhere between 11-18" long by 7-12" wide.   While fanciful tales exist about giants, we have extensively researched this with museum curators and no one is able to produce giant bones  including the Smithsonian.  


The average height reported is 6'-12' tall as adults, and an estimated weight between 600-1100lbs.      While we are sure anomalies or adolescents exist we are stating what we have heard from countless eye witness encounters.

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