POTLACH, Idaho — A 50-year-old Idaho woman claimed a Sasquatch Crossing the Road to chase a deer caused her to crash her vehicle on Highway 95 earlier this week.

According to a report from PullmanRadio.com, a tensed woman told the Latah County Sheriff's Office that she was driving on Highway 95 Wednesday night when she saw Bigfoot chasing deer along the highway.

When she looked in her mirror, the article states, she ended up crashing into one of the deer.

She says the Sasquatch was about seven to eight feet tall.

A deputy with the Latah County Sheriff's office responded to the scene, but didn't find any evidence of a giant hairy beast.



Terry. Gravesen
03/24/2017 6:14pm

It sounds nuts but I beleave in Bigfoot and I have to believe her hopefully she wasn't lying but I want something like that would happen to me!


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