PictureThe Protector
Does Sasquatch Manifest it self from Trees or does the forest Summon Sasquatch to heal and defend from the dangers of man?  Many believe Sasquatch is seen only as a physical being when there here on earth, or present in this dimension.    
So where are they when they aren't here?   Are trees inhabited by these Mythical Deities and does this explain tree knocking, and trees coming down in the woods when humans approach?

It turns out there are all kinds of information out there on "tree spirits". It is believed that spirits and ghosts use trees as a dwelling place when visiting the earth. This theory goes way back to the Old Testament where there are references to "sacred groves". The early Celts, Romans and Egyptians all believed in tree spirits. 

Even the Egyptians believed that it was deities who occupied their trees. In India, shrines have actually been built under trees to gain the favor of a revered spirit. The Celts believe that all trees have spirits. 

Do spirits Manifest in trees?    

Do Trees have spirits? Judge for yourself - The Yew Tree
The yew tree has been revered by mankind throughout the ages. This is a rather sturdy and resilient tree that has a unique way of growing new trunks from within the original root bole. Some of the English yews have been estimated to have been around 4,000 years old. Because of this, the yew is associated with immortality, regeneration, and rebirth.

The yew is also highly poisonous in all parts except for the fleshy part of the berries. So, throughout the ages, it has also been associated with death.  Over the centuries in Europe, it was commonly planted around or in cemeteries, partly to represent eternal life, and partly to keep the dead in their graves. To this day, yew is used in magical working involving protection, especially against spirits of the dead, and exorcisms.  The Yew is also said to wain in the night when it becomes agitated by forces around it.   Do other trees also exhibit this same behavior?   And what does the call of the these trees sound like?   
PictureThe Tree of Souls
Through the ages and in all corners of the globe, people have looked to trees to make sense of our lives, honoring their transcendental qualities in a variety of ways. How has our interconnectedness with trees manifested itself? 

There is a wonderful book called “Between Earth and Sky: Our Intimate Connections to Trees” — of how trees meet our needs at every level of human experience.

Our strong connections with trees may be based, in part, on the fact that trees and humans share similar physical characteristics.    But what if there is more to trees than meets the eye?

PictureThe Warning
If Someone was encroaching, destroying and trampling your world and your habitat?   Would you throw rocks also?  It's an interesting possibility

So if Sasquatch is connected to the Natural World in a level that even we don't understand - what recourse does it have?

Does Sasquatch manifest from a tree spirit?  Does it occupy the wonderment of the forest in spiritual yet physical presence when it needs to defend it's environment from harm?  Does this explain the wailing, the cries in the night? 

The decorated tree stumps and almost indicating it is mourning the loss of it's surroundings?    

Do trees understand their connection to humans as a life giver of oxygen and the symbiotic relationship to humans - and defend deforestation?       Why would humans destroy it's life giving friend?      And is Sasquatch summoned to defend and scare away it's worldly inhabitants (Us humans) without harm?    

Does Sasquatch heal the forest in the night?   Even humans look to trees for healing — not only in the medicinal sense, but for spiritual healing, comfort and solace. We thus find trees in therapeutic gardens and cemeteries and understand why some individuals request having their ashes buried at the foot of a tree or scattered in a beloved forest.

Is the forest and trees much more powerful than we can ever understand?   Is Sasquatch is the defender and protector of the natural world?   Submit your thoughts?   Some of the best will be read on an upcoming show.



02/08/2017 12:01pm

great little article. love the Site!

Mary Swagnon
02/09/2017 12:30am

I believe they live underground and under trees - I once read that in a book by Lori Simmons - much more to this than I will ever know.

Brian Janosz
02/09/2017 12:32am

I totally believe they are in the trees - I saw a tree once bend during the day no wind as if it was reaching for the ground. I don't have the answer but something more to this

April Walton
02/14/2017 3:13pm

I knew a Huichol elder who told me that when a person was sick in the tribe he/she was taken to an oak tree and tied to the trunk while a caretaker attended to the needs of the infirmed person, be it water, food, or whatever was needed to keep the person comfortable. He went on to explain that this had been done for ages because of the innate healing energy of the trees and it could be passed onto a person seeking help. Perhaps that is why walking through a forest can replenish our soul.


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