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The Journey Continues

The Ape Hypothesis : This February on Sasquatch Syndicate we will be meeting with Dr. John Bindernagel. Dr. John Bindernagel, has spent decades researching the Sasquatch mystery in British Columbia, Canada.   Dr. Bindernagel has been on the case of Sasquatch for decades and still continues his research to this day.    

"I am now satisfied with the available evidence for the existence of the Sasquatch in North America.   My view is that not only do we have sufficient evidence to treat the Sasquatch as an extant North American mammal, but that we already know a great deal about its anatomy, behavior and ecology.”   - Dr. Bindernagel

While many of those out there may say I have heard what he has to say, just remember on TV you only get snippets of dialogue and very little time to unravel the mystery.    So pick up the book, you will be surprised the knowledge you will find just waiting for you on the Ape Hypothesis.  

PictureDr. Bindernagel
North America's Great Ape:  The Sasquatch
By: Dr. John Bindernagel

A wildlife biologist looks at the continent's most misunderstood large mammal.

Drawing primarily from historical collections of witness testimony, field research, related artifacts, and his own formal training in ecology, his insights are summarized in North America's Great Ape: The Sasquatch.   

Once the species is conclusively documented and better understood, the hypothetical model of Sasquatch ecology developed by this professional wildlife biologist will probably turn out to be largely accurate.

Representatives of scientific and professional communities attest to the influence of his ground breaking work as it helped them develop a rational, scientifically founded,  perspective of the likely social structure, diet, behavior, and general ecology of North America's native ape population. 

Dr. Bindernagel's landmark title book, can be ordered directly from our site or from the publisher using the information available on Dr. Bindernagel's web site.  



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