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Can't get enough of Sasquatch/Bigfoot on TV?    Here are some of Sasquatch Syndicate's favorite programs available on Itunes/Amazon/Netflix/Youtube and others.

America Unearthed 
Season 1 Episode 11 | Tracking Bigfoot

Americas Book of Secrets 
Season 1 Episode 9 | The Mystery of Bigfoot

Ancient Aliens
Season 4 Episode 7 |  Aliens and Bigfoot

Bigfoot’s Reflection by TV Documentaries

Bigfoot by Norman Hull

Season 1 Episode 5 | Bigfoot

Destination American Presents
Season 1 Episode 11 | Killing Bigfoot
Season 1 Episode 17 |  Shooting Bigfoot

Destination Truth 
Season 1 Episode 4 | Bigfoot & Nahuelito
Season 2 Episode 201 | Yeti
Season 4 Episode 5 | Siberian Snowman
Season 5 Episode 1 | Vietnam's Bigfoot

Expedition Unkown
Hunt for the Yeti

Finding Bigfoot
All Episodes

History Specials
Episode 117 | Bigfoot the Definitive Guide 
Episode 189 | Bigfoot Captured

In Search of Aliens
Season 1 Episode 5 | Searching for Bigfoot

Joe Rogan Questions Everything

Episode 1 | Bigfoot Human Hybrid

Is it real?
Season 1 Episode 6 | Bigfoot

In Search Of
Season 1 Episode 5 | Bigfoot

Lost Tapes
Season 1 Episode 7 | Bigfoot

Halloween Special – Abominable Snowman
Season 1 Episode 2 | Sasquatch Attack
Season 1 Episode 5 | Bigfoot
Season 1 Episode 9 | Swamp Beast
Season 1 Episode 10 | Russia’s Killer Apemen
Season 2 Episode 9 | Legend of the Hairy Beast
Season 2 Episode 12 | Bigfoot in New York
Season 2 Episode 13 | China’s Wildman

Season 2 Episode 20 | Sasquatch Attacks II
Season 3 Episode 3 | Cattle Killers
Season 3 Episode 6 | Snowbeast Slaughter
Season 3 Episode 8 | Monster Close Encounters
Season 3 Episode 11 | Mysterious Ape Island
Season 4 Episode 8 | Sierra Sasquatch

Monsters and Mysteries in America 
Season 1 Episode 1 | Bigfoot and the Pacific NW

Monsters and Mysteries in Alaska
Season 1 Episode 2 | Pacific Northwest "Sasquatch"
Season 2 Episode 12 | "Skunk Ape"

Mysteries at the National Parks
Season 1 Episode 5 | Ape Man and Aliens

Season 6 Bigfoot
**Special Episodes** Nordegg and Radium Springs - available here (TV SHOWS)

Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty
All Episodes

The Missing Evidence
Season 1 Episode 4 | Bigfoot

The Truth Behind Bigfoot
National Geographic

True Supernatural 

Season 1 Episode 2 | Dybbuk Box, Bigfoot

Unexplained Files
Episode 1 | The Yeti

World of Mystery
On the Trail of Bigfoot

Yeti or Not?
Animal Planet Monster Week

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