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Is it possible the creature known as Sasquatch, is an inter-dimensional traveler? That's a theory now in play with both Sasquatch and UFO researchers, and one that played heavily into discussions at the last Greater New England UFO Conference held in Leominster, UK.

Paranormal researcher William Hall, at the convention ostensibly to talk ghosts, said the paranormal world as a whole is more connected than people realize. But that is beginning to change, at least from the perspective of those involved in ground level research.

Hall, who began his paranormal researcher with UFOs and aliens, said many of the classic signs from human encounters with otherworldly beings – ghosts, aliens and Sasquatch – have similar signs, be they disappearing beings, fast moving object or strange lights. As a result, many are starting to think of the the fields holistically, he said.

"It used to be that the UFO people didn't talk to the ghost people because they were a little weird, and nobody would talk to the Sasquatch people because they were crazy," Hall said. "I found out, we cannot continue to do that. In reality, quantum physics is leading us there."

It's not a new theory: Writing for Huffington Post, Dr. Franklin Ruehl notes such sightings date back to the late 1800s.

In modern times, it is a theory that dates back to 1973, but one that is grabbing hold as more and more Sasquatch hunters are reporting run ins with what is known as the orange orbs. Those are fast moving lights that one may think are alien in nature, but seen in areas associated with Sasquatch.

Renowned Sasquatch hunter Bill Brock was the first speaker at the conference, and the first of the weekend to raise the idea about multi-dimensional portals. Brock referenced a recent NASA announcement that magnetic portals may be real. Brock said he came to believe in them when he traveled to West Virginia to study the the Mothman case.

But, are mysterious orbs transporter beams for Sasquatch? Leominster's Bill Penning, believes it is possible. In his first recognized Sasquatch encounter, something large in the woods shook the ground, but vanished quickly In addition, he found a set of tracks that seemed to indicate something appeared behind a running deer very quickly, caught the deer and then disappeared, because both set of tracks ended at that point.

Penning's partner, Ronny LeBlanc, has seen orange orbs in the same area.

If the alien theory is true, it solves one of cryptozoology's biggest unanswered questions: If Sasquatch is real, where are the bodies? Where are the animal carcasses left behind?

"That (portals) could be why we don't see any bodies, why there are no bones," Penning said.

Jonathan Wilk, founder of Team Squatchachusetts, a Sasquatch research group based in Western Mass., said YouTube and other internet websites have numerous videos of the orbs, but on whether they are related to Sasquatch, he would only go as far to say that he remains open-minded about the idea.

"I have no official opinion on it," he said. "I leave nothing off the table because there are a lot of things we find in our fieldwork that we cannot explain."

David McCullough, another member of Team Squatchachusetts, has had his own experience with orbs of bright lights in the woods. Since then, he said he is more open to the idea of the orbs as portals, which are starting to be reported in every state, often in places known to have Sasquatch sightings.

While up until May 2016 Sasquatch Syndicate hadn't given much credence to Orbs, once you have had your own experience you do not forget.

Even more interesting is Sasquatch Syndicate also had their own encounter in May of this year with fast moving orbs, and find it interesting we are not alone in this ORB phenomenon.

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While McCullough said it left him wondering, he did joke that, based on witness descriptions, the portal beings are more like Star Wars Ewoks than the giants known as Sasquatches.  Brock, however, is not convinced. He believes in the orbs, since he believes the description of Mothman's giant, glowing red eyes and ability to fly is more descriptive of an alien encounter than a Sasquatch encounter. But he has his own theory on the origin of Sasquatch. He believes the creatures are the pre-historic human rivals, the Neanderthals.  "It's a known fact that human beings and Neanderthals were battling pretty heavy 35,000 years ago," he said. "I believe they split at that time and went off into the woods."

Under Brock's theory, Neanderthals developed as a species parallel to human beings. But, while humans were developing technology and cities, Neanderthals were learning to live in the forests, and in hiding from their enemies.

Like the portal theory, Brock notes his more Earthbound beliefs also answer the questions raised by skeptics. Why are they so hard to find? Tens of thousands of years of experience with camouflage, he noted.   "Like us, they became masters of their domain, but their domain was the forest. They know how to hide," he said. "They actually went beyond being masters of their domain."  But that leaves the bodies, right? Not so, Brock said, because Neanderthals were and are cannibals.  "By eating their bodies, they do two things," he said. "First, they feed themselves. Second, they dispose of the bodies."

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11/16/2016 9:26pm

After 50 plus years of a deep interest and research in Sasquatch, I firmly believe many points in your article hit the nail on the head. I have also always believed that the Native Indians have been right with many of their beliefs on Sasquatch have what they term supernatural powers, as they have no reason to lie about what they have witnessed. From my own experience with the hairy beast, tracks they have left behind and unexplained phenomena, I don't think I'd be too far wrong in saying that there are many things we don't understand about Sasquatch and the planet we call home.


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