PictureSasquatch Syndicate at Devil's Tower, WY
First and Foremost, thanks to the Devil's Tower staff and the U.S. National Park service for accommodating our team.    I would also like to thank the numerous individuals we spoke with throughout the week, we really appreciated the insight and encounters shared regarding this topic.

In the last 60 years there have been mainly two camps of Sasquatch and Bigfoot beliefs.    The Ape Theory, and then recently the Relict Hominid (Humanoid) Theory.   

A large shift of the research from Ape to Human comes as a result of the lack of Primate DNA evidence, bones or even hair on the North American continent, it just has never been discovered.  

Nearly every tribe in North America and the Canadian First Native American Tribes consider Sasquatch to be simply another tribe.  So what does that mean, "another tribe"?  If Sasquatch is a Humanoid of some type, that would lend credence to the discovery of massive and Giant Human bones across North America.   This also would also explain the migration of researchers from Ape to Human.   But not so fast my friends..... The Human topic and the tribal legends go down the rabbit hole very quickly, and as you will see in upcoming episodes, it simply is not that "simple" to move from one to the other.    

So about this Sasquatch Alien connection....  Why are we even bringing it up?   Quite simply it's because as you get further into this topic, there are those in the tribes that have stories of Sasquatch with special abilities.    The tribes describe Sasquatch as not only more advanced physically than humans, but with special powers and abilities.     After discussions with many tribal members, we are hearing many classifications of abilities we simply can not dismiss as humanoid.   These will include Inter-dimensional Travel, Spirit Morph-ism (Orbs), Teleportation, Hypnosis, Mind Speak as well as existing on a higher plain.  Tribal Legend speaks about Humans arriving from the Stars, Tribes with Special abilities, and lights or orbs coincidentally at the same time or around the same time of sightings.   

So for those beginning to pin their belief system on the Humanoid Theory, we will continue to discuss these classification topics, and tribal beliefs, of which are driving a lot of this Sasquatch Relic Hominid/Humanoid discussion.   

As we learn more about these classifications the deeper down the rabbit hole we will go.   That's all part of Exploring the Mystery that is Sasquatch.   So Buckle Up as we look forward to further discussions regarding this topic and further opening of  the third camp on Sasquatch, The Alien Theory.



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