PictureBlack Bear sleeps after eating a bag of dog food
Could Sasquatch be gifted a bag of tranquilizer brownies??   Apparently it has worked on bears and other species.... Submitted by Malcom Davis – Columbia, SC.

Honestly, It depends on the species being immobilized, how it's being immobilized, where it's being immobilized. Immobilizing a wild animal is quite different than immobilizing the same species in a zoo - in the wild, one must consider how long the drugs take to cause anesthesia, how much trouble the animal could get into in the meantime (e.g. falling off of a cliff, drowning, being predated), how hot it is outside (some drugs increase body temperature more than others, some cause animals to have an "excitable" phase before they fall over, which could lead to running and kicking and increased heat generation, etc), how fast you want to be able to reverse the anesthesia (in the wild this is particularly important, especially for large animals).   That is again if it is an animal…. http://www.sasquatchsyndicate.com/origin-theory.html

It is well known Sasquatch has digested offerings such as cake, coffee and even Snuff if you go back to the Albert Ostman encounter.  See 1924 Albert Ostman http://www.sasquatchsyndicate.com/historical-accounts.html

So with that said what about gifting Sasquatch some biscuits with Midazolam like a dog, it acts quickly and wears off faster than some of the older benzodiazepines — Valium (diazepam) and Ativan (lorazepam), for example, which are still used for oral sedation — making it a safer and more useful medication.

While we are not advocating this, obviously dosages would have to be varied by size and animal type and it is an interesting suggestion.    So while it would be possible using an opiate of somesort, and a possible viable option for suggestion, what would you do next assuming it would work?  

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