PictureSasquatch v.s. Robert Wadlow
There are 7.25 Billion people in the world - so it begs to question, if Sasquatch is a Relict Hominid or a cross breed or evolution of Human and Ape, what are the odds of not only one Relict Hominid standing 10 feet tall? or even multiple?

Or is Gigantopithecus the most likely source of Sasquatch? or an Alien Species of Some Sort?  

Time after time we encounter a story of a 10-11 feet tall male Sasquatch – what are the odds if he is a cross bred or composed of mostly human origin? Can we even do the math?  It seems like a longshot.  

Consider this: 

Robert Wadlow is the tallest man on record to ever live. Wadlow reached a height of 8 feet 11 inches before he passed away at age 22.   Wadlow's immense height was attributed to hypertrophy of his pituitary gland, resulting in a higher level of human growth hormone. At the time of his passing in 1940, there was no indication that Wadlow's growth was stopping.

But this is just one example in a cast of Billions?  Could it really be that likely that a Relic Hominid is still walking around that is 10 feet tall or greater as some indicate?   Would all Sasquatch have a pituitary disorder?  Even using Bergmann's Rule - that things get larger as you go north, is still a long shot in the odds game.  The tallest living man in 2014 is Sultan Kosen from Turkey. Kosen stands 8 feet 3 inches tall. The world's tallest living woman is 7-foot-3-inch Sue Fang from China. Despite the immense height of both of these individuals neither is very close in height to the world's tallest woman and tallest man ever recorded.  The world's tallest-ever woman, Zeng Jinlian, was 8 feet tall when she died at age 17. A total of 16 individuals ever have been recorded to reach a height of more than 8 feet. Jinlian is the only woman among this group.

So while these are great examples of a very Tall Human, the odds are if a Cross Bred or Evolved Humanoid even lived up to these examples it would still be far short of the bar set by Sasquatch - so what do you think it is? 



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