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There have been continuous reports in past years of encounters with Bigfoot throughout many locations in Fayette County, PA. The earliest firsthand Bigfoot account I have on record dates back to 1931. Additionally, going back to the early 1970’s, some of the strangest Bigfoot incidents on record occurred in this area. Many Bigfoot sightings continue to occur in this area, and quite often along or near the Chestnut Ridge.

On May 11, 2016, I received a phone call from Researcher Jim Brown who lives in Fayette County. Jim has been a long time research associate of mine. His fascinating website can be found at: http://www.jimsdestinations.com/

He advised me that he had received an interesting report concerning two encounters with large hairy creatures. Jim wanted to see if I had received other reports. I had not received other reports from the date of the occurrence.

The following is the report Jim Brown has submitted on the case.

Hairy Creature Sightings–Near Fairchance, PA on Mud Pike- 5-10-2016

I received a phone call on the morning of 5-11-2016 reporting an incident that involved two “large hairy animals” on Mud Pike in Fayette County, Pa.  This report covers the facts as reported in that case. (Witnesses have requested to remain anonymous, Name and address withheld)  There were two witnesses in the vehicle, both interviewed separately and details are in agreement with each other.

Weather conditions – Pouring rain, fog, Temperature about 52 degrees F.

Observations occurred from inside the vehicle that was involved in the incident. (Details follow)

Date / Time – 10 May, 2016,  Approximately 2300 hrs.

The following summary is based on both initial phone interview and personal interview with each witness. The witnesses were returning from visiting family on Chestnut Ridge on their way home.  About half way down Mud Pike the driver saw what appeared to be a large hairy animal cross the road walking upright.  He did not see it very clearly and could not rule out a bear walking on hind legs.  But it did get his attention and he slowed to a crawl as he passed the area where he saw it.  Using a flashlight, both witnesses were trying to catch a glimpse of it in the woods below.  They did not see that creature again.

Suddenly a second creature came from the bank on the left into the path of their car about 20 feet ahead.  The driver immediately slammed on his brakes and stopped with the creature clearly visible in the headlights about 10 – 15 feet in front of the car. Neither witness had a camera so no photos were obtained.  I asked them to describe the creature.  It was about 7 feet high, standing upright on two legs with arms well below the hips.   It stared directly at the car, eyes glowing bright red.  It was covered head to toe with long, black or very dark hair.  The hair was so long that no facial features besides the eyes could be seen.

The body also was covered to the point that no sexual features could be determined.  Also noted were the palms of its hands which were hairless and black.  No claws were seen.   Feet were not seen as at the angle of view the hood of the car blocked the ability to see the ground at this close of a distance.  No smells or sounds were noted, however the car windows were up and the rain was beating down hard.  It would have been difficult to hear or smell anything under those conditions.

The driver had stopped the car and the creature froze watching them for a few seconds.  At that point the driver put the car in reverse and slowly started to back up.  The creature took a couple steps toward the car keeping about the same distance away as before. The driver again stopped the car and the creature did likewise. After a short time, the driver put the car in low and began creeping toward the creature.  The creature stood still and did not move from the spot where it stopped.

It did put its arms forward as if to protect itself.  The car continued to move forward very slowly to the point where both occupants could feel the car make contact with the creature.   It put its arms out and placed its hands on the front of the car, with the bumper against its legs.  The driver stopped again and did not try to force his way through.   The driver said he was ready to shift to reverse again and “get the hell out of there”. It was at that point the creature removed its hands from the car, took about one step forward then proceeded to walk into the woods below the road.  That was the last it was seen.  The witnesses went home and I was contacted next day via my website reporting form.

I followed up and did a personal interview on 5-11-2016.  The above information was obtained at that time.  I also examined the car for any evidence of contact.  None was found.  The car was also checked using UV / IR light for evidence of hand prints or skin oils where the creature is alleged to have been in contact.  Nothing was found, however it must also be noted that they drove home about 7 miles in driving rain.  It is possible any residue could have been washed off.   I also went to the area on Mud Pike where the creature was seen in an attempt to find any tracks or other evidence however nothing was found.  Much gravel and other debris was washed into the road from the heavy rain so I would expect any such evidence, if it existed, was destroyed.

My impression of both witnesses is that they seem credible.  I detected no sign they were seeking notoriety or wanted publicity.  Both gave the same impression of the event; frightening yet both wanted answers to what they experienced.

No subsequent reports of any other sightings as of this time. If any come in they will be referenced to this report.

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Mark Ellsworth
06/04/2016 7:38am

I have a recording of what might be a Bigfoot screaming in response to a call I made. I would be more than happy to share this evidence with you. This happened just a few miles from mud pike rd.

Kimberly Olson
06/05/2016 1:36pm

I Love Reading articles about this, & Truly Believe In Them! I can't wait to Someday See In Action!

Tony Solties
06/06/2016 6:55pm

Any sightings in Washington county, pa ?

Alan Baumgardner
06/06/2016 7:33pm

I had an encounter a few years ago in Stonycreek Township Somerset County off Ingrum Mountain Rd. It was the first Saturday of deed season, my father two sons and i were maybe a mile back into a wooded area. We smelled a strong odor around us all morning. We left the area to meet for lunch. When I returned to the spot I was at that morning, I noticed the top of a tree about 12 feet tall had been broken off about 6 feet about the ground. I had my oldest son stand next to it and took a picture which I still have.

Larry McCullen
06/09/2016 5:39pm

I live near New Baltimore and frequently drive and hike all over Ingrund Mountain.
I can all but guarantee that there is no Bigfoot anywhere even close to that area. There simply isn't enough woodlands for something like that to exist without being discovered..

06/07/2016 6:49am

I lived in pa from a child till I was 20. I lived in a little part of Greensburg .the woods and coal mine is where we played there were time when we were out we would here strange knocking in the woods as well as some howling. I truly belive Pennsylvania has Bigfoot. And there are probally more encounters the farther north and east of Pittsburgh. I would love to see if anyone finds Bigfoot in western Pennsylvania

Mark Aretta
06/20/2016 2:48pm

I have pictures of three ufo's on my phone took them on 51 near perry

06/21/2016 8:39pm

I have never been fortunate enough to see a big foot. But I am sure there are some here. I just wish I Could be at the RIGHT PLACE AT THE Right TIME !!!!!!

Area Man
07/09/2016 10:09am

It's just an Appalachian gorilla. They've been spotted in Lancaster County.


07/11/2016 4:51am

Are you interested in a report of a big black cat sighting in the area of Mud Pike Road and Laurel Caverns Road that happened about 3-4 weeks ago?

07/15/2016 11:01pm

Myself n my ex fiance had an encounter with such an animal on the Garrett shortcut headed towards meyersdale from somerset late on night a deer had been freshly hit since we came through that area earlier that day. And when we came through that night we saw something of the same description as in this article. When we came upon it she almost ended up on my lap for i slowed as i passed it till we saw what it was n i floored my car as it was a few feet outside our passenger window.. we did not go back to re check it out but the next morning that deer was gone.

Laurel Wachinski
07/16/2016 2:59pm

07/17/2016 4:20pm

I had an experience in Uniontown, Pa. Located in Fayette County.
This was back in 1984 when I was around 14 years old.
I lived at Surrey Hill apartments for 1 year and that is where this happened. First off there was a man that lived there that told us kids a story about how a Bigfoot creature came into his apartment and tore apart his kitchen and scared the man a lot. My experience was while looking into the woods behind the apartments I saw a big, hairy head sticking up in the woods about 8 feet up. There was small trees and brush in front of it so all I saw was its head. I don't know what it was but it sure looked liked a bigfoot.


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