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As described in many stories and legend, Sasquatch could possibly have cloaking abilities that allow them to disappear whenever humans show up in the woods. Is it possible Sasquatch has translucent hair that reflects light like a mirror around it's body?   Another possibility is that Sasquatch  can vibrate his body at such high speeds that it can bend and distort the light around them causing them to appear invisible. Others claim with it's dark skin, these camouflage abilities can like a chameleon blend Sasquatch into the scenery like a special-ops sniper.   Is it possible Sasquatch has either the biological means to cloak or alien technology to provide these abilities?  While all great questions - Sasquatch has been reported to be seen as an "outline" of movement through the forest similar to that of the 1987 movie Predator.  

While that would be interesting - depending on the theory you subscribe to http://sasquatchsyndicate.com/evolution-theory.html there are many ideas to make a case or argument.   Biological cloaking or Alien Technology?  What theory do you subscribe?



11/01/2016 2:36am

Alien technology? Are you serious about it? I hope you will find Sasquatch someday.

07/30/2017 11:21pm

I never knew that Sasquatch has an invisibility cloak type of power. I didn't know these kind of things exist because if I remember correctly, the first I heard something like this is from the movie Harry Potter. The invisibility cloak allows the person holding it to appear invisible to the naked eye. Of course, in the movie, this is only a mere fantasy. But it's fascinating to find out that this is actually possible in real life. I guess there are still many things to discover in our world


The research that you have done on Sasquatch Invisibility and Camouflage seems not to be as accurate and detailed as it should have been. You need to explain the whole procedure in much more detail so that the readers can get the main point of your research and with it the conclusion too. However, it not at all mean that the research you have done is totally inaccurate but there are several points in this research that are authentic.


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