Sasquatch and Spirit Legends

If Sasquatch is some type of ghost or spirit entity it sure would explain a lot. We wouldn’t expect to find a living specimen, or a body, bones or even a fossil record. Ghostly calls in the night would be par for the course we would think, and even footprints left behind and tossed rocks and sticks aren’t outside of the norm for the standard supernatural apparition.

More than anything, it would explain why sightings are so fleeting, and why, even with the woods crawling with people (some of them looking for him), Sasquatch has never been properly documented.

Is it because he isn’t really there?  At least not in the way we’re used to thinking?

Native American legends are often cited as proof that Sasquatch exists in North America. After all, if people have been seeing him for thousands of years, he must really be out there. But many indigenous Sasquatch legends mix the spiritual world with the biological world, and accounts of Sasquatch with shape-shifting abilities, or the powers of invisibility, are not uncommon.

Across the ocean in the Himalayas, land of the Yeti, local peoples again have a history of blending spiritual folklore with the natural. In Australia, the Yowie is a creature with many Sasquatch-like attributes who is believed by some native people to have supernatural powers.

Around the world there are accounts of similar large, hairy, bipedal humanoids. Depending on the source of the stories they may be benevolent, or they may be violent, but in many cases they are believed to be something more than a standard forest critter.

People have believed this for thousands of years, so why today do we focus on the idea that we can “catch” a Sasquatch the same way we’d catch a lion or tiger or bear?

An ever better question is: How are people around the world reporting the same type of creature?

Elemental Spirits

One possible explanation involves elemental spirit entities. Elementals are nature spirits, and can be classified as earth, water, fire and air. Sasquatch would be an earth spirit.

The exact definition of elemental spirits depends on who you ask, but they can be found in various forms in the belief systems of people from the ancient Greeks, to Native Americans, to modern Wiccans. Some believe elemental spirits are responsible for the legends of fairies, gnomes, elves, and even lake creatures. Many believe elementals are the most ancient and primitive of spirits, here from the dawn of time and intertwined with the natural world.

Some belief systems say elementals are here as guardians, and that fits not only with many Native American Sasquatch legends, but also with modern stories. Tales of Sasquatch attacks on campsites or hunters, throwing rocks and sticks to chase people out of the woods, are common.

Perhaps Sasquatch is an elemental spirit, or perhaps he is the elemental spirit charged with protecting the forests of the world. That would explain the similarities in sightings, as well as why some people have harmless encounters with Sasquatch, and others not so much.

Looking at it in this way, Sasquatch is a kind of deity, deserving of respect, and commanding it when he doesn’t get it. Sasquatch is not an animal, but the protector of the forests and all the animals that dwell within.

Is Sasquatch a Spiritual Being?

Sasquatch in non-corporeal form is an interesting idea, but it does present some issues. For one thing, some of the evidence collected to date really does suggest there is an animal out there, not some apparition. Hair and scat samples are particularly hard to explain away, as we can assume a ghostly Sasquatch would have no reason to part with either.

There are also some very intelligent cryptozoologists and primatologists who have done a great deal of work with the premise that there is a rare species of North American Ape out there somewhere. It’s tough to imagine, with the hours of work they’ve put in, that they would be so far off base.

Still, as the years roll by and there is still no definitive evidence of a rare animal in the woods of North America, eventually we have to start looking for other answers. How would it change things?



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