It is the belief that Sasquatch are primarily nocturnal animals.  And that is because, one of the early researchers John Green looked at his database of sighting reports, and found that about half of the reports were daylight sightings.  If you factor in that humans are diurnal — and have vision that is evolved for diurnal activity, then it is quite possible we just aren’t likely to see as many Sasquatch at night.

We aren’t out traipsing through the forest at night because it isn’t safe given low light and poor footing.  Nor are we likely to be out driving back country roads at night, once again because it isn’t safe with poorer visibility and tiredness.

I think if we factor our activity levels into the equation — we end up with a creature like ourselves that will operate both night and day, but tends to be more active at night.

We will only know for sure, once their existence is confirmed and they are studied.

 Are Sasquatch Nocturnal? 

The short answer is, who knows! The long answer is a Sasquatch is whatever he wants to be, unlike you or I they have freedom of choice. Sasquatch are active at any time day or night, they don't seem to have a schedule. But if you study the large predators of the world it seems they all prefer a full belly before they sleep. No animal wants to sleep on an empty stomach.

It may be what they hunt will define their activity. If deer are on the menu they will be on a night feeding clock. If moose are their dinner they will be up at the crack of dawn. Now take fish for instance to catch those you must see them so that's a daytime activity. I know people have walked up on them while the Sasquatch is sleeping thats not news. Some have witnessed them snoring beside a game trail at 7am., others have seen them snoozing mid afternoon.

Humans for the most part are diurnal and sometimes we like to think of the Sasquatch as one part of us. But honestly to be a predator in the woods you must be flexible and waste as little energy to feed yourself as possible. Watch a few Survivor Man episodes you'll get the idea.

I was once told that the Sasquatch was diurnal in most activities by a very good if not great researcher, who I have faith in. His second comment made perfect sense to me also. "They will use the dark of night to investigate human surroundings that are occupied" I agree with this statement fully, as most of my own encounters which number more than 25 would confirm this statement. The only time I had encounters at night, was when I was the instigator, they just returned my calls and knocks. But on the other hand I can't say for sure if they were awake and moving around before I introduced myself.

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