Before we can address this question let's look at some of the Anatomy of a Sasquatch v.s. That of a common Mountain Gorilla, while simultaneously comparing the strength of a Human v.s a Gorilla.    While most experts believe that a Mountain Gorilla is six to ten times stronger than a human, and while Sasquatch has been reported to be five times larger than the largest of Mountain Gorilla's.  The numbers are just daunting,   If the average 6' Human even during a time of extreme adrenaline could dead lift 500lbs, Using this number, the average Gorilla could achieve 5000lbs of lift during the same duress and a Sasquatch could potentially lift 25,000lbs, this amount of Strength is just unmatched in the Wild.    As many report upon seeing Sasquatch a Grizzly bear wouldn't have a chance - and in some cases it has been reported that the Kodiak or Grizlly bear has turn tale and ran upon seeing a Sasquatch.  One of our favorite tales comes from a fisherman, Thomas Fisher, in Alaska - who spotted a Grizzly bear on the bank of the Shore only to see it turn hightail and run when a Sasquatch walked out of the forest line.  The bottom line is if you encounter a Sasquatch, unless you are extremely heavily armed you should leave the area immediately.



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