No one can catch Sasquatch because he’s psychic, according to Linda Jo Martin. A self-proclaimed telepath, Martin believes Sasquatch picks up on the vibes of people traipsing through the woods. If it senses a cameraman or scientist coming its way, the Sasquatch disappears, leaving the glory hounds behind. That’s why Martin thinks it’s a good idea to bring a psychic along on a Sasquatch expedition. With the help of a little ESP, researchers could tell the Sasquatch they mean it no harm and even ask it to hang out for a little while. Of course, Martin warns that most of the time Sasquatch will probably say no.

Martin isn’t the only one who makes these claims. Writing for The Huffington Post, Connie Willies tells of the time she woke up during a camping trip and sensed two Sasquatches outside her tent. “This is what you came to see,” one of them said inside her brain, but Connie was too terrified to unzip the tent (or perhaps too unconscious to wake up). After deciding she didn’t want to see them, the Sasquatch disappeared without a trace.

Sasquatch is really good at vanishing, especially if Kewaunee Lapseritis is to be believed. The author of Psychic Sasquatch, Lapseritis says Sasquatch can slip in and out of various dimensions. Whenever it needs to escape, it just parts through the curtains of our universe and steps into the next. Lasperitis also claims to know Sasquatch’s true purpose on Earth. According to her,, Sasquatch is actually a protector of the environment and uses its telepathic power to let people know they’re destroying the planet.



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