Welcome to Sasquatch Syndicate. Sasquatch Syndicate is a Non-Profit Organization operating in Washington State.   Our show is dedicated to eye witness encounters that span the spectrum of the Evolution Theories that exist on the subject of Sasquatch.    Our show is open to a variety of theories about the subject, and to guests and those willing to share their encounters, as well as researchers wanting to promote their beliefs or cause on the subject.   Sasquatch Syndicate shares a collective interest in promoting awareness in this subject is focused on bringing more individuals and organizations to the cause in the discovery of this elusive creature.    

We would like to thank all of our listeners and supporters, and encourage you to subscribe to our Podcast Channels. Sasquatch Syndicate holds Monthly broadcasts and occasionally mid week broadcasts depending on our schedules and that of our guests.    

If you or someone you know has had an encounter and would like to share their experiences and beliefs please contact us, we look forward to speaking with you.

Until then remember whether you believe or disbelieve, just remember there is a lot out there to be discovered - never stop searching - 

“Humans cannot discover new oceans unless they have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” ― André Gide


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